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Roger Davidson

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Well, I've finally gotten around to seeing this one. The story starts off in 1969, when a young boy finds a magical board game, that sucks him into a jungle world. Twenty-six years later, he is released from the game by two kids and he is now an adult (Robin Williams). However, the kids also release an assortment of African animals, as well as a dangerous hunter. Williams, the two kids and Williams' old playmate (Bonnie Hunt) must finish the game to set things back in order.

When I saw the advertisements for this film, I thought it was going to be an enjoyable fun film. But the movie is actually pretty grim, dark and sinister for a film made for kids. The special effects are all right, but the animals don't seem very realistic. Williams is the only good thing about this film. His usual childlike persona is subdued, so he comes off more distinctive than he does in any of his other films.

One other thing! This doesn't have the feel of a children's film. When you leave the theaters, you feel like you just went on a trip through hell.

My Rating = Two Stars

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