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Judge Dredd


Roger Davidson

Judge Dredd
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Based on a British comic book, Judge Dredd takes place in the future in which judges have become the police, jury and executioners. One such judge (Sylvester Stallone) is the most feared of all the judges, simply because he shoots and asks questions later. Then, he is framed for murder by an escaped convict (Armand Assante) who was locked up by Dredd. The story isn't that bad, but the dialogue needed serious work. The trouble starts at the beginning with a stupid narration on how the Judges came to be the city police. It pretty much goes down hill from there.

There are some humorous moments with "Saturday Night Live" alumnus, Rob Schneider as Dredd's sidekick, but very few. The special effects are the only redeeming quality, though Stallone does pull off a comic book type of hero, who seems to be an emotionless robot. Only the kids under 10 will like this. Judge for yourself (Pun intended).

My Rating = Two Stars

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