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Jerry Maguire


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Jerry Maguire
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This charming film is the story of the rise, fall and rise again of a sports agent (Tom Cruise). Cruise has been a successful agent for years. Then, one day he starts to wonder whether he's becoming just another shark swimming in corporate America's waters. He completely changes his way of thinking and his outlook on life. However, it doesn't go over so well with his bosses and he ends up fired, with all his clients being taken away from him. All except for one (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a testosteroned-out football player, who feels that even though Cruise seems to be going downhill, he should stick with him to the end. Cruise is also trying to juggle his fading career and his relationship with his girlfriend-assistant (Renee Zellwigger), a single mother with an adorable six-year old who Cruise seems to adore.

After a slow beginning that almost drags this down to the depths of boredom, it picks up after Cruise leaves his job and takes up the not-so-easy task of promoting Gooding. The performances and the script are good, especially Gooding who has some of the best scenes in the film. Cruise is surprisingly effective as a loser, a character he's rarely ever tried to play. As a bonus, what seems like a film for sports fans turns into a touching love story, which does not suffer from a bad case of the cutes. This is a worthy effort from Cruise, if not a perfect effort.

My Rating = Three Stars

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