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Jaws: The Revenge


Roger Davidson

Jaws: The Revenge
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I have only three words for this film. DON'T SEE IT!!! You think this is as good as the first one? HAH! The first one was great. But Jaws 2, 3 and 4, it's a fish. The plot, if you think there is any, is basically this. Mother from first film (Lorraine Gary) has one of her children eaten by the shark in Florida and she decides to get away to the Bahamas for awhile where her other son is living. However, the shark follows her all the way there to take revenge on the entire family. By this time the shark isn't scary and the plot just gets worse and worse in every film. You know the shark is fake and there are certain parts in the plot that are never explained.

Michael Caine has another thankless role and I mean thankless. This movie has made sure there will be no other Jaws films for about the next fifty years. This film lacks the suspense and excitement of the first film. Even the other two sequels after this had more bite to them (no pun intended). Just be very careful about this one when you think you want to rent it at the Video store.

My Rating = One Star

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