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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday


Roger Davidson

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday
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Jason finally gets it (or so it seems) in this ninth entry in the series. This time, the filmakers try not to take the slasher aspects too seriously. Most of the time is spent lampooning the grossness of the past entries. Horror fans will get a kick out of some of the humorous references to other horror series. Most others will be rightfully repelled. Logic is gleefully thrown out the window (as is expected of the series), but this film came out at a bad time for horror films.

Although Jason (that hockey-masked, knife-wielding maniac extraordinare) has strangely become part of American pop culture, the fanfare for these Slasher extravaganzas dried up long ago. There are the few, the bold and the brave that still wish to hold onto this relatively dead genre (no pun intended), but maybe it's time we should leave them dead and buried where they belong. Save for Candyman and Scream (which does for Friday the 13th what The Naked Gun did for police dramas), most of the horror genre filmakers still believe that if you cut a few half-naked morons heads off, you'll get plenty of optimistic reaction (and lots of dough) from the public. But it doesn't seem that's the case anymore.

Take this film. The problem with this sad, unexciting entry into a dying series is that it tries too hard to please its intended audiences. It in turn alienates people looking for a truly original horror film (like The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street) which will give them a good scare. As for the others just looking for a good "splatter" film, they will be shocked to find there isn't anything here you can't find in over a hundred other horror films. If there is anything that I found even remotely surprising in this truly awful movie, it's the last scene. That one gave me a few chuckles. But that scene alone is not worth the price of admission, nor is the rest of this movie for that matter.

My Rating = One Star

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