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It's a Wonderful Life


Roger Davidson

It's a Wonderful Life
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No matter how many times it's shown during the Christmas season, I just can't get enough of this film. This immortal classic stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has spent all his life trying to succeed, spending most of it trying to help his small town. He is now contemplating suicide, since his life seems to be falling apart around him. Who should appear but Stewart's Guardian angel, Clarence (Henry Travers). Travers has been sent to show Stewart what the world would be like if he hadn't been born. It turns out to be more frightening to Jimmy than what is happening in his old life.

Call it corn if you must, but like fine wine, this keeps improving with age. Director Frank Capra and star Stewart really pulled it off. With touches of humor provided by Travers (as well as Frank Faylen and Ward Bond as "Bert and Ernie"!) and moments of sentiment from Capra, Stewart and Donna Reed as Stewart's wife Mary, this film is continuously a holiday favorite.

My Rating = Four Stars

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