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Roger Davidson

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A limp Television adaptation of a book I consider to be a masterpiece of horror. Stephen King's epic-length novel is trimmed, butchered and made incomprehensible for those who have never had the good chance of reading the book. The story follows the lives of seven friends at two periods of each one's life, and how monstrous events lead them into the ultimate battle between good and evil. We see them as young children confronting the cold-blooded creature without a name, who can take on any form it pleases. Its favorite one seems to be in the form of a clown called Pennywise (Tim Curry). We flash forward and backward between their childhoods and 30 years afterwards, as the lucky seven reunite to finish the evil they thought was finished years before.

Because of its being originally broadcast on television, those fine boys from the TV censors have rendered King's awesome tale impotent of any substance whatsoever. Important plot points from the story are cut out here, leaving certain events in the film unexplained. The acting, despite a fine ensemble (Annette O'Toole, Richard Thomas, John Ritter, etc.) is mostly dull and at times unintentionally funny. Curry however appears to be having a ball in the title role, adding his usual wicked touches to a truly menacing character. You'd be much better off reading the book (especially for those of you who are Stephen King fans).

My Rating = Two Stars

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