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Into the Night


Roger Davidson

Into the Night
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John Landis tries to repeat the success of previous action-comedies like Beverly Hills Cop, combining outrageous sight gags and blood-and-gore action. Jeff Goldblum plays a milquetoast, who is dissatisfied with his life. Then, all of a sudden, a beautiful woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) literally falls into his life. From that moment on, the film becomes one large chase sequence. Goldblum and Pfeiffer spend much of their time dodging bullets and being chased by four Iranian bad guys.

The reason why this action-comedy formula doesn't work is that most of the time, the film is moving so slow it very nearly grinds to a halt. The performances by Goldblum and Pfeiffer are good, despite the thankless roles they receive. It's also got some funny moments involving the Iranian bad guys. However, after the baddies have killed their third or fourth person in many bloody ways, the idea of these guys as the Four Stooges comes off as crude and ridiculous instead of funny. I'm not quite sure who this would appeal to, save for people who like to spot Landis' usual cast of well-known directors.

My Rating = Two Stars

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