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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


Roger Davidson

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doo
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One of those rare cases where the sequels are as good as the first, the story pits Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in even more grave danger then the last time. He must make his way through a forbidden fortress, which houses a killer cult, full of bloodthirsty assassins. Following Ford into danger is the heroine Willie (Kate Capshaw) and kid sidekick, Short Round (the talented Ke Huy Quan). The traps and obstacles that Ford has to work his way around are real doozies.

This very nearly tops the first film when it comes to action and excitement. Ford is fine as ever, with great support by Capshaw (director Spielberg's real-life spouse) and Quan. The best action sequences come near the end, in which Spielberg pulls out a show stopping finale, full of suspense and special effects the like of which you'll rarely see nowadays. My personal favorite involves an underground roller-coaster chase, that manages to make a chase sequence on railroad tracks a real nail biter.

My Rating = Four Stars

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