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Independence Day


Roger Davidson

Independence Day
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All I can say about this film is WOW!!!. The story is rather simple. Aliens attempt to conquer the Earth. In turn, they swarm out over major cities all over the globe, destroy them and take millions of human lives. A small band of Human survivors, including the President of the United States (Bill Pullman), a fighter pilot (Will Smith of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and a computer genius (Jeff Goldblum), begin a counter-offensive against the massive Alien technology.

Not since Jurassic Park has any Sci-Fi film generated such anticipation and lived up to all the hype. Great special effects, plenty of memorable moments, good acting (for this type of film) and lots of great action sequences. I'm sort of hoping that this blows away Twister at the box office. The story and the special effects are a lot more crowd-pleasing then anything else that has come out this summer.

My Rating = Four Stars

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