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Indecent Proposal


Roger Davidson

Indecent Proposal
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One of the more talked about films of the past few years, I'd say all the talk is much ado about nothing. Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore star as a couple, down on their luck and going nowhere fast. They go to Las Vegas, hoping they can win a huge amount of money to pay off some debts. They meet up with a charming millionaire (Robert Redford), who asks if he could spend a night with Moore for one million dollars. They reluctantly agree, but it causes some major strain on the relationship. Harrelson becomes increasingly jealous and Moore is becoming worried about the turnings in her relationship with Redford. What's a young couple to do?

Interesting idea!?! Lousy job of pulling it off! The direction by Adrian Lyne is dreary, the acting (by Redford especially) is lukewarm and the script is just plain stupid. At least Harrelson gives an interesting performance. However, if this doesn't put you to sleep (because it's FAR

My Rating = Two Stars

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