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In Cold Blood


Roger Davidson

In Cold Blood
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Forget the recent forgettable made-for-TV production, and direct your attention to this starkly realistic adaptation of Truman Capote's classic true crime novel. Robert Blake and Scott Wilson portray two young killers, who kill a Kansas farm family for no apparent reason. We follow their attempt to escape from the law, and the eventual arrest that lead to a conviction and then to execution.

Blake and Wilson offer two extremely outstanding roles as the young losers-drifters-killers. But that's just one of the many reasons you should see this. They include the expert direction by Richard Brooks, the jarring black-and-white cinematography by Conrad Hall (which add a documentary like feel to the proceedings) and the tense score by Quincy Jones. You don't need to worry about excessive violence or attempts at sensationalism, because this builds its terror and horror on sheer suspense. No bloody shocks! No killers jumping out of the closet. Just plain old "boring" suspense, as one of my much younger (and more impatient) readers once said. Of course, he never saw this film.

My Rating = Four Stars

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