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I Love Trouble


Roger Davidson

I Love Trouble
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An attempt to capture the appeal of the old Spencer Tracy-Katherine Hepburn comedies, falls flat on it's face. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte play two rival reporters, who are hunting for a good scoop and end up knee-deep in espionage and "intrigue" (as if this film had any intrigue to begin with).

Tracy and Hepburn they ain't. Nolte hasn't had good chemistry with anybody since Eddie Murphy and Roberts could have been a more convincing lover to a toad than to Nolte. The two stars just do not make a convincing duo. Of course, if they had a more original story to work with than a tired old-fashioned one, then maybe things would be better. Maybe?! There are a couple of funny scenes, but not HA-HA funny. Look for trouble somewhere else.

My Rating = Two Stars

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