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The Hunger


Roger Davidson

The Hunger
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One word for this film: BORING!. This tale of vampirism and immortality, is nothing but four hours of scenes with blowing curtains and bloodletting. When there is some action, it's never very fulfilling. The story is about a vampire (Catherine Denueve) and her immortal mate (Rock star, David Bowie), who's immortality appears to be wearing off. He starts aging rapidly, so Denueve must now find a new mate. She finds her mate in the form of a doctor (Susan Sarandon), who is working on a cure for premature aging- Yes, you heard right.

The film couldn't be any less exciting than the story. The dialogue is pretty dull, the scenes of blood-letting are stupid and the endless amounts of scenes that have curtains blowing, is a complete bore. The only really good scene in the film, is the lesbian sex scene between Sarandon and Denueve. Part of the interest is the fact that Denueve and Sarandon are acting. It gives it a level of reality that would be lacking in a porno film. It's one of the more erotic sex scenes I've ever seen put on film. It's the only real good scene in the film. However, if the viewer's tolerance for the other scenes doesn't hold up, they will most likely fall asleep during the first half hour.

My Rating = Two Stars

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