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The Hudsucker Proxy


Roger Davidson

Hudsucker Proxy, The
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In the Coen's continuing tribute to old Hollywood films, this is not one of their greatest. A spoof on Capra films about underdogs that make it to the top, the plot involves Norville Barnes (Tim Robbins), a real moron, who becomes the new president of a corporation. The corporation is actually trying to use him, so a tyrannical executive (Paul Newman) can become the new head of the company.

I was divided on this one. I liked the wonderfully colorful set pieces and some of the characters (including Jennifer Jason Leigh as a Kate Hepburn-type reporter), but then the story is a little too cliched and recycled. Much of the humor doesn't come off well and there are just one too many stale one-liners. Of all Coen's films, I wish they could have done something better with this one. It was such a waste of a perfectly good premise.

My Rating = Two Stars

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