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Howard the Duck


Roger Davidson

Howard the Duck
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Considered one of the costliest turkeys ever made, I have yet to find the critic that explained why exactly he didn't like the movie. It's based on a series of cult comic books by Steve Gerber, about a loud-mouthed, humanoid mallard, who fights evil while continuously making sarcastic comments about the situations he's in (a la Spider-Man). His job this time? To stop a dark overlord from taking over the Earth. That and getting a full-time job while he's at it!

The plot is comic booky and some of the performances are one-note, but this does contain a surprising amount of very funny dialogue. Sure, Howard is no E.T., but it does contain a certain charm and campy humor that is very enjoyable. Jeffrey Jones is the best of the human performers, giving a hilarious metamorphic performance as a scientist, whose body is possessed by the dark overlord. The scene in the restaurant is proof of how funny and sadly unappreciated Jones really is (if you don't believe me, check out his work in Amadeus and Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

My Rating = Three Stars

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