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The Hotel New Hampshire


Roger Davidson

Hotel New Hampshire, The
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Now for the bomb of the week. This so-called "comedy" follows an extremely weird family and their misadventures on both sides of the Atlantic. Rob Lowe portrays one of the elder males of the family, trying to find the one he truly loves. Beau Bridges plays his ambitious father, Jodie Foster is his sister, who may have something other than sisterly love for him and Nastassja Kinski portrays "Susie the Bear", an odd Austrian girl in a bear suit.

An adaptation of John Irving's comic novel, this is visual proof of what you shouldn't do with an adaptation of a popular novel. It's a shame to see a great cast, wasted in unsympathetic parts. You'd also think that this was a high-budget movie, but the bad cinematography seems to show otherwise. Such topics as suicide, homosexuality, rape and incest are not handled well by the so-called scriptwriters. Tony Richardson (Tom Jones) has done much better than this eyesore. There! I think I've just saved you about two hours.

My Rating = One Star

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