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Hot to Trot


Roger Davidson

Hot to Trot
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The idea of updating Mr. Ed into the 1980's corporate world wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for inept writing, bad pacing, a tendency to be cruel towards the various characters and some really awful performances. Bobcat Goldthwait gives another of his screaming idiot performances, as a dunce who climbs the corporate ladder with the help of his talking horse (voice of John Candy).

A really original idea if ever there was one!?! Sarcasm aside, it does offer some good vocal work by Candy, who can always provide laughs, even if the rest of the film never does. Goldthwait is his usual annoying self, while Dabney Coleman just adds a pathetic performance to his resume. I've seen worse comedies of this type, but extremely few.

My Rating = One Star

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