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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


Roger Davidson

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
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Macauley Culkin was cute and charming for about one movie, but by the time he did this sequel, he beat that persona of his to death. Instead of being fresh and original, this sequel is just the first film, in a different setting and with some new characters thrown into the mix. Culkin gets lost again, this time in the Big Apple, with the same two yutzes (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci) chasing after him. The usual assortment of traps are prepared by Culkin, for the single purpose of making the audience laugh. It was funny the first time, but once you've seen two clowns fall off a building or have bricks thrown on their heads, you've seen it all.

The performers are simply going through the motions, except for perhaps Culkin, who seems to be having a ball doing the same stuff over and over again, at the expense of the audience getting bored beyond belief. If this is all Culkin could ever offer in the first place, he doesn't deserve any chance at "serious" acting (like his disastrous work in My Girl and The Good Son, which would have been better pictures without such "star power" involved).

My Rating = Two Stars

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