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Home For The Holidays


Roger Davidson

Home For The Holidays
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This is probably one of the biggest wastes of an ensemble cast since The Hotel New Hampshire. It stars Holly Hunter as a woman dreading her return home for Thanksgiving to visit her dysfunctional family.

You know, it's kind of scary to see all these actors hidden talents unleashed onto an unknowing audience. Especially Robert Downey Jr.!!! What was he on during the filming? Glue?! Such veterans as Charles Durning, Anne Bancroft and Geraldine Chaplin can't save this from being a complete turkey (no pun intended). Also, these type of films are REALLY helping out Steve Guttenburg's career. Jodie Foster directed this, though I can't believe she followed up Little Man Tate with this bomb, which should have been titled "What the Hell is Going on Here!!!".

My Rating = One Star

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