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Home Alone


Roger Davidson

Home Alone
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One of the biggest box-office champs ever, this successful comedy revolves around a young seven-year old (Macaulay Culkin, in a star-making performance) left home by accident while his extremely large family is on vacation in France. He has to fend for himself, which doesn't seem hard for him since he's a naturally bright kid. He must also defend his home against two inept burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern), by using a series of elaborate traps that the crooks just can't seem to avoid (providing the film with it's best scenes).

Despite the fact that it was attacked by parents and critics alike for it's heavy cartoon violence, this provides loads and loads of laughs. Yes, the Tom-and-Jerry climax is a little extreme. However, you will have to admit, it is pretty hysterical. Culkin also provides a great charismatic performance (about the only one of his entire career). It's not a perfect comedy, but it has plenty of good moments to keep it afloat.

My Rating = Three Stars

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