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The Hollywood Knights


Roger Davidson

The Hollywood Knights
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This awful rip-off of American Graffiti apparently thinks that jokes about premature ejaculation and flatulence are going to hold the audiences attention for the whole movie. The plot is simple beyond comprehension. Taking place on Halloween night, 1965, It involves a group of young practical jokers, who hold one last hurrah on the night their favorite hangout is about to close down.

There are plenty moments in this where you'll ask yourself, "What the hell's supposed to be so funny". The main interest for anybody is that this features a cast of future stars during their pre-glory years. Among them, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Danza (in his film debut), Robert Wuhl and The Nanny's Fran Drescher. You want to relive your youth in the 1960's, rent American Graffiti. Believe me, you'll find you will be much happier.

My Rating = One Star

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