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Roger Davidson

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A slow, dreary biopic of teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa (Jack Nicholson) couldn't be any more pointless and unworthy of seeing. It follows Hoffa's life, from his union work to his shady dealings with the mob. It also speculates on how Hoffa disappeared, though you have to wait till the very end to see what director-co-star Danny De Vito had in mind. By then, you may have gone to sleep.

An incredibly overblown production, which is as far from the truth about Hoffa's life as you can get. Nicholson does offer an outstanding performance though. The script by David Mamet is full of holes so big, you'd need about 100 bulldozers to fill them in. In short, if you watch this film, you're in for a wasted night.

My Rating = Two Stars

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