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History of the World-Part 1


Roger Davidson

History of the World-Part 1
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This on the other hand barely rises above vulgarity. Apparently, it's a spoof of all those historical epics about Romans, French Revolutionaries and cavemen. The scattershot humor ranges from mildly funny to revolting. By this time, Brooks humor became too old fashioned for anyone to like, even die-hard Brooks fans. Gregory Hines gives the only adequate performance among the star-studded cast, in the Roman episode as a slave trying to flee the Roman imperial guard. However, it's just a bunch of expensive sets, just lying around hoping for Brooks to do something funny with them. The comedy is nothing but bad toilet humor, as if there was any other kind, with nothing really making any sense.

Normally, this type of stuff is something you'd expect to be good, considering Brooks' previous work. However, Brooks decides to go for the bigger-is-funnier method and comes out with something you'd expect Ed Wood, the king of bad filmaking, to make. If you see this film in the video store, don't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

My Rating = One Star

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