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Roger Davidson

This is a excellent movie. The plot revolves around a college university full of different ethnic and racial backgrounds. The movie follows some of these students through the entire school year. It is hard to tell who the star is, but it seems there aren't any stars. The people and their stories are followed so closely that it's hard to tell. There are at least three of them. One is a young black man (Omar Epps) who is trying to become a track star but has strong resentments toward the school and joins up with The oldest senior (Ice Cube) to learn about what it is to be a black man in America today. The second character is a woman (Kristy Swanson from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer") who becomes a tragic victim of date Rape. Her only true friend is a lesbian and women's rights protester (Jennifer Connelly) who learns the truth and helps her out by forming a peace concert on the campus.

The third and final character is a party animal (Michael Rappaport from "Zebrahead") who joins up with a skinhead club and begins to start a racial riot on the campus. All in all, it is a truly excellent film with a great comeback for "Boyz N The Hood" director John Singleton who really knows his characters. Also, the three stars Epps, Swanson and Rappaport give truly realistic performances. But, the best performance is by Laurence Fishburne as the teacher who wants Epps to learn and increase his mind. I hope this gets some Oscar nods next year.

My Rating = Four Stars

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