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Henry V


Roger Davidson

Henry V
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The best adaptation of the bard since Olivier's days, Kenneth Branagh makes the classic historical drama into a film of epic proportions that not even the stage could duplicate. Henry (Branagh) fights the French during the Hundred Years War, at the famed battle of Agincourt. And what a battle! Among his army is the brave Welsh captain Fleullen (Ian Holm), and one of Henry's old comrades Bardolph (Richard Briers).

Branagh brings new life to this outstanding play. It's a fantastic debut for actor-director Branagh. The production he undertook was superb. The acting (especially Branagh's) is excellent, though Holm brings moments of humor and a towering role to boot. But it's the battle scenes that are the most exciting. If you thought the bard was boring, see this movie and decide for yourself.

My Rating = Four Stars

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