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Roger Davidson

Henry & June
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The first movie to be given a NC-17 rating, "Henry & June" is the story of controversial writer Henry Miller (Fred Ward), told in narration by Miller's bisexual lover and fellow writer, Anais Nin (Maria De Medeiros) in 1930's Paris. The film follows her relationship with Miller and his nagging wife June (Uma Thurman). Nin cheats on her husband and eventually Miller (with her own husband!).

The film is full of sex scenes, though it doesn't really deserve the rating it got. People were probably homophobic at the time, and wanted to make sure that their kids didn't see such "disgusting" people as homosexuals. Anyway, the cinematography and settings are very well filmed, and Thurman and Ward come off as interesting characters. De Medeiros may be the weak link, since you can't really relate to much of what she does. Plus, it's very slow in some spots. You might not be too bored, though I only recommend it for Thurman and Ward's fine performances and the fantastic Art Direction.

Writer's Note: It may be NC-17, but that doesn't mean that Teen's and adolescents can't see it. You may be surprised at how easy it is to get such things as this.

My Rating = Three Stars

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