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Helter Skelter


Roger Davidson

Helter Skelter
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One of the most popular TV-movies of all time, Helter Skelter is a well made Docudrama. The film follows the famed investigation of the Tate-LaBianca slaying and the trial of Charles Manson and his "Family". The two star performances are excellent, with Steve Railsback, terrifying as Manson and George DiCenzo as Vincent Bugliosi, the man who prosecuted Manson. Bugliosi also wrote the book on which this movie is based. The movie is factual and is true to the book and case. The film isn't perfect, because it doesn't really explain the fascination people have with Manson. I guess the reason I'm interested in Manson, not because he's supposed to be "cool", but rather, I'm interested in how he made people kill for him. Most likely he was an amazing con-artist, who was really good at his job. Helter Skelter is still an interesting and fascinating film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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