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Heavy Metal


Roger Davidson

Heavy Metal
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Based on the underground comic book series, this cult classic has recently been digitally re-mastered with "louder, nastier" sound. Other than that, it isn't much different from when it was first released. The animated film is laid out in a series of vignettes. Some are just OK, but some are outstanding. The best segments: A group of stoned aliens on a return trip home through the galaxy; "Den", the ultimate male macho fantasy (only much funnier); And "Harry Canyon", about a futuristic New York cabbie, who gets in way over his head in the criminal underworld. All this and plenty more!

The animation isn't Disney, but it has its moments. Plenty of offbeat humor make up for the shortcomings among the female characters (who drew the breasts on these women, Russ Meyer???). Of course, the soundtrack is most excellent. It includes such groups as Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Cheap Trick and Nazereth. If you can find this, be sure to rent it for a wild experience.

My Rating = Three Stars

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