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The Heavenly Kid


Roger Davidson

Heavenly Kid, The
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An attempt to capture the glory days of the James Dean era and set them down into the 80's. Lewis Smith plays the title character, a greaser who died in a chicken race in the 60's. He finds that he cannot get into Heaven, because of his past exploits on Earth. So to make amends, he agrees to help a teenage nerd (Jason Gedrick) in the 1980's gain popularity. How does Smith do it you ask? Why, simply turn that hopeless nerd into a "cool" greaser like him. It's a sure thing, right?

I wish I could say the same for the plot. Never could a filmaker find more unappealing characters such as Smith's and Gedrick's, and make them even more unlikable. Richard Mulligan, as a angelic messenger on a motorcycle, is utterly wasted in a role that's sure to haunt his career for many years. If there is anything good I can say about this, it's the exciting homages to the car racing of Rebel Without a Cause. Alas, if only the rest of the story were as interesting as that classic landmark film.

My Rating = One Star

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