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Roger Davidson

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Outrageous black comedy, starring the terrific Winona Ryder as a high school student, who hangs around a group of complete bitches. She begins to have second thoughts about having ever met them. Her boyfriend J.D. (Christian Slater, in a commanding Jack Nicholson-like performance), feels that she should help him kill members of the stuck-up clique. Ryder soon gets herself into a huge fix that could get her killed right along with her nutso boyfriend.

A very funny satire on teenage social life and the feelings and reactions behind teen suicide. An cult hit, that has plenty of memorable bits, including the croquet scenes. The story occasionally moves towards the ludicrous, which can be overlooked, due to the performances of Ryder and Slater, two of the best young actors today, working together with the help of a sharp, original script.

My Rating = Three Stars

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