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Roger Davidson

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You've waited for it a long time folks. Now it's finally here. The first movie ever (discounting The Godfather, Part II) to feature Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on the screen, in the same movie, at the same time. Even if only for a short while! Getting past all the hype surrounding this picture, the plot involves a cat-and-mouse game between the leader (De Niro) of a group of professional thieves, and a police detective (Pacino) hot on his trail.

Plenty of good action! Pacino and De Niro are good as always!! But, the film is FAR too long (it runs almost three hours) for this type of story. It's also hampered by too many needless supporting characters (save for Val Kilmer as one of De Niro's cronies), that detracts, instead of engaging, your attention from the main plot. Still, you haven't lived until you see Pacino and De Niro on screen together in that coffee shop scene. If you have been waiting your whole life for this particular moment, now's your chance!

My Rating = Three Stars

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