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Hear No Evil


Roger Davidson

Hear No Evil
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This film is sort of a Wait Until Dark for the deaf. Marlee Matlin portrays a young deaf woman terrorized by a sadistic cop (Martin Sheen) and an unknown killer, who believes the young woman has a rare gold coin stashed away somewhere in her home. Only a brave knight in shining armour (D.B. Sweeney, totally miscast) can save her.

Well, all sarcasm aside, I think the average movie goer can pretty much predict the ending. This is one low-grade thriller, where suspense becomes boredom and horror becomes comedy. Sheen gives a truly ineffective performance, turning his character into an idiotic cliche. The film is only redeemed by Matlin's performance. But her performance aids this movie insignificantly. Otherwise, this cinematic exercise doesn't have much substance going for it.

My Rating = Two Stars

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