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Roger Davidson

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A futuristic story which takes place in a time of desolation. The world is no more than a desert, with greedy scavengers and hunters roaming the plains. One of these scavengers finds a piece of a droid, who happens to be a killer used for population control. The scavenger (Dylan McDermott) brings the piece back to his girlfriend (Stacey Travis), who hangs it up on her wall. The piece reactivates and proceeds to reassemble itself. Soon it starts killing people.

The production values aren't that bad and there are moments of suspense, but it's very depressing and the outcome of the whole movie is bleak. This had very graphic scenes of violence, before it was trimmed to avoid an X-rating. The film is interesting and definitely for sci-fi buffs, but as for entertainment, look for something else.

My Rating = Two Stars

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