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A Hard Day's Night


Roger Davidson

A Hard Day's Night
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The first Beatles' film (released in the year Beatlemania hit) is a story basically covering a typical day in the life of the Fab Four. Paul's grandfather takes part in some of the wild antics of the group. He claims to be a "clean old man", but is really a mischievous old coot. At one point, grandad convinces Ringo that he is unappreciated by the other band members. Despondent, Ringo disappears and wanders around London on the day of the band's big TV appearance.

A wonderful script, excellent black-and-white camera-work and spirited performances by John, Paul, George and Ringo, simply playing themselves. Director Richard Lester let his imagination run wild on this one. The songs in the film include "Can't Buy Me Love", and "I Should Have Known Better" and the title song. A Hard Day's Nightis one of the funniest comedies ever.

My Rating = Four Stars

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