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Roger Davidson

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The last film Director John Woo made in Hong Kong before coming to America to make Hard Target, this film is destined to become an action classic. Undercover cop Yuen (Chow Yun Fat) and hit-man Alan (Tony Leung) form an uneasy alliance, in an attempt to stop a major crime syndicate dealing in arms. Leung and Fat do almost anything to stop them, as they wage a two man war on them. What follows is some very exciting stuff.

Woo, one of the great directors of films, presents a story with suspense, themes of honor and loyalty and some moments of good humor. Plus there are some of the best scenes in the history of action cinema, that will make your heart pound and blood race. Woo presents his sequences in the same bloody, hypnotic way that Sam Peckinpah used to do. Woo's movie is a lot more fast-paced. There are good performances by Leung, Fat (Woo's regular action star) and Cheung Jue Lin as the cold-blooded super-killer, Mad Dog. Not even his later American films (Hard Target, Broken Arrow) can match up to this movie. Arnold and Sly's films seem small by comparison.

My Rating = Four Stars

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