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Hannah and her Sisters


Roger Davidson

Hannah and her Sisters
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Possibly Woody Allen's most searing drama takes a look at the lives and turmoil, surrounding three sisters (Mia Farrow, Diane Wiest and Barbra Hershey) and fellow family members, whose paths keep crossing each other. The complex plot first follows Farrow's husband (Michael Caine), who is in love with Hershey. Hershey is living with an artist (Max Von Sydow). Caine is unhappy in his marriage to Farrow. Farrow's ex-husband (Allen) is worrying about his eventual death (who knew?), while falling in love with his ex-wife's flaky sister (Diane Wiest), who has gone through a series of bad relationships.

The story and characters are beautifully interwoven together, and the screenplay is occasionally witty, sometimes downright sobering as we look at the lives of some truly unhappy people. Caine and Wiest earned their Academy Awards, while Hershey should have won one of her own, playing the most frustrated member of the group. Allen's look at love, relationships and New York lifestyles has rarely been more touching and poignant as in this drama.

My Rating = Four Stars

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