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Halloween III: Season of the Witch


Roger Davidson

Halloween III: Season of the Witch
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A horrendous experience that has absolutely nothing in relation to any chapter in the Halloween series. And nothing resembling much intellect, as far as I can tell. The plot (such as it is) involves a diabolical toymaker and his scheme to kill millions on Halloween night, using a bunch of cursed masks. Only the brave hero (Tom Atkins) and the sexy and incredibly stupid heroine (Stacey Nelkin) can put a stop to it.

For you "splatter" fans, you may enjoy the parts where people's heads are ripped off as well as snakes, insects and arachnids bursting out at you. Others will not stay for very long. Full of awful (and sometimes hilarious) "performances", this is a painful mishmash of countless other horror features, as well as some corny James Bondian touches thrown in for good measure. Among the various plot devices that work their way into the story (though you'll probably have a tough time figuring out why they were worked in), they include a stolen rock from Stonehenge, a killer robot army, a forensic expert getting a hole drilled in her head, etc. Yummy! You'll want to drill a hole in your head, long before the movie's over.

My Rating = One Star

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