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Roger Davidson

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This is the film that started the era of slasher films. The story is about a serial killer named Michael Myers, who killed his sister, when he was only six, and has now escaped from his mental institution and returns to his home town to wreak havoc. He goes after one girl (Jamie Lee Curtis) in particular, who is baby-sitting a friend's kid on Halloween night. Despite the attempts from Michael's psychiatrist (Donald Pleasance) to stop him, the killer just keeps on coming.

Made on a small budget, Halloween is the definitive slasher film. Many of the cliches you usually see in horror films, most likely originated here. Despite how it's categorized as a blood-and-gore film, there's very little blood and almost no gore. The horror comes from the suspense and the eerie music, composed by the director John Carpenter. Carpenter uses the usual technique of scaring people to perfection. What he does is give you a false scare, lets you relax, then stabs you in the throat. As Alfred Hitchcock once said, "I enjoy playing people like a piano". Halloween does just that.

My Rating = Four Stars

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