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Roger Davidson

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A film about computer hackers on the Net isn't entirely new. It was done before in WarGames and most recently in The Net. There is a difference here that is different from other films of the past. The various hackers are not white geeks who look like Steve Urkel. Instead, they are intelligent, multi-racial kids who apparently look like they belong in the mosh pit at a Hole concert. But appearances can indeed be deceiving. Lead by their hip leader (Trainspotting's Jonny Miller), the hackers attempt to stop a frame-up plotted against them by a nefarious superhacker (Fisher Stevens in an over-the-top performance).

The plot is cheezy and the story and actions of the characters are unrealistic (but then again, so was WarGames and The Net). What redeems this are the stunning visuals, great soundtrack and impressive performances by a cadre of newcomers, including British Miller. The story is also quite inventive from time to time, with many doses of humor to keep the audience from getting too restless. This is one of those films that just might become a cult classic, if purely for its hypnotic visuals and fresh performances. But don't press your luck!

My Rating = Two Stars

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