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Roger Davidson

Motel Hell
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There have been many attempts to capture the spirit of the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns. Most have tried and failed. This is no exception. Mario Van Peebles is the good, comic Denis Leary is the bad and Christopher Lambert (Highlander) is the really ugly! The old western story has been updated to South America, now involving a bunch of drug dealers and mercenaries on the hunt for some hidden cash.

The ads make it look like you're in for a slam-bang rollercoaster ride, but what you get is a mindless merry-go-round of violence and bad dialogue. Lambert and Van Peebles are not my favorite actors, and Leary should have stayed on the stand-up circuit (or maybe in just The Ref). Rent an old Eastwood movie, if you want an exciting action picture.

My Rating = One Star

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