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Grosse Pointe Blank


Roger Davidson

Grosse Pointe Blank
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"What am I supposed to say? I killed the president of Paraguay with a fork! How have you been?" - John Cusack as the hitman, pondering how he should explain what he's been up to his friends at his high school reunion.

John Cusack is cast against type as a professional hitman, who is returning to the Detroit suburb of his youth for his high school reunion. He's also been assigned to take out a target, while another hitman (Dan Aykroyd) is after him for taking his hit from him. On top of that, he has to confront the girl he stood up at the prom (Circle of Friends' Minnie Driver) ten years earlier.

A typical quirky Cusack comedy, with some very good performances. Though the action tends to come and go in bursts, and the conversation lags at times, the film pulls off a hilarious reunion night climax. Besides Cusack's great performance in the lead role, Aykroyd, Driver, Cusack's sister Joan as his understanding personal secretary and Alan Arkin as Cusack's psychiatrist have their moments. This isn't just a crowd-pleasing action film, or a bloody-conversational art house piece. It's more of a mixture of the two, with a little Woody Allen neurosis thrown in.

My Rating = Three Stars

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