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Roger Davidson

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This movie seems like a bad episode of a Fox sitcom, that didn't even last a season. A family of lecherous money-grubbers can hardly wait for their aging uncle (Kirk Douglas) to die. But because it looks like the old man is going to leave the money to his attractive young nurse (Olivia d'Abo), the family decides to call for Douglas' nephew (Michael J. Fox), in hopes that he will assure that the money will be given to the family instead. Fox has not seen his uncle in many years, but because they used to be real close, he decides to give the idea of becoming friends with him again a chance. Problem is Fox eventually starts to fall towards the same greedy path as his relatives.

Why is it that when someone makes a comedy film, they think that it's logical to comprise your humor of mostly dumb slapstick and not humorous dialogue? That's the problem with this film. The most clever thing about this picture involves the in-joke gag of the family name, McTeague (which is taking a shot at Erich Von Stroheim's silent classic, Greed). The performances are woefully unfunny and talk-heavy. The story also seems to have a dreadfully serious air around it, for a film that claims to be a comedy. Douglas is the only one who'll get any laughs whatsoever. When he's on screen, it's a real joy. When he's not, it's the other performers who try to hold the limp story together. It's not a pretty sight.

My Rating = Two Stars

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