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The Greatest Story Ever Told


Roger Davidson

Greatest Story Ever Told, The
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One of the least successful film versions of the Biblical life of Jesus Christ (Max Von Sydow), the story follows Jesus through some of the great events of his life: The sermon on the Mount; the resurrection of Lazarus; the crucifixion, etc. He gathers his Apostles, one who (Judas Iscariot) will eventually betray him. The film devotes much of its time to agonizingly slow scenes, involving Jesus' sermons and miracles. What makes this a relatively good film is the great production design, beautiful score, some well-dramatized moments and an excellent performance by Von Sydow in the lead. Eventually however, due to the various cameo appearances throughout the film, it becomes a game of "spot-the-star". This becomes distracting after awhile. Still, if you are into religious fairy tales, then you should enjoy it all the way.

Note: For a better picture about the life of Jesus, see Martin Scorsese's controversial The Last Temptation of Christ, which features an extremely different interpretation of the famed bible story.

My Rating = Three Stars

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