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The Great Mouse Detective


Roger Davidson

The Great Mouse Detective
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A fine animated piece (and one of the few diamonds in the rough, during one of Disney's dark periods), this spoof of Sherlock Holmes (based on the book, Basil of Baker Street) follows the adventures of a Holmes-type mouse, as he tries to foil the plots of the evil Prof. Rattigan (performed by Vincent Price in his typical ghoulish fashion).

An entertaining, if not entirely perfect, cartoon from the Disney Studios. I did enjoy some of the subtle and not-so subtle potshots at Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective hero. Price provides the voice of one of Disney's most flamboyant villains since Cruella De Vil. This film also introduces the computer animation techniques, that would later be used in Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. You won't find anything that upstages Disney's previous classics, but you will find yourself enjoying it as it goes along.

My Rating = Three Stars

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