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The Great Escape


Roger Davidson

Great Escape, The
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This movie is probably the greatest escape films of all time. Based on a true incident that happened during WWII in a German P.O.W. camp about prisoners who plan a massive escape. Thousands of German soldiers will be drawn away from the front lines to try and track them down. Among the prisoners are Americans, "Cooler King" Hilts (Steve McQueen) and "The Scrounger" Hendley (James Garner), who are in charge of gathering supplies, British "Big X" Bartlett (Richard Attenborough), the master planner and Polish-born Danny Velinski (Charles Bronson), the digger of the tunnel.

There are many great scenes in this film, including McQueen's famous motorcycle jump. There are also plenty of tense moments involving the digging and hiding of the tunnel. Plus, an excellent group of actors were brought together to make a simply marvelous adventure-prison movie.

My Rating = Four Stars

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