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The Good Son


Roger Davidson

Good Son, The
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Macauley Culkin sunk to a real low point in his career, when he made this heartless, relentlessly nasty film. Culkin stars as a real bad seed, who attempts to drag his cousin (Elijah Wood) into his dark, sadistic world. In the course of 90 minutes, Culkin attempts to drown his sister, drop his cousin off from a high tree, cause a major freeway accident, kill a dog and push his mother off the top of a high cliff (which is rather conveniently placed not 10 yards from the family homestead).

It's disheartening to see such a major star miscast so badly, in a role that requires a lot of different emotions. Instead, Culkin, even when he's hurting people and causing mayhem, still tries to pull off that "look-at-the-cute-little-rich-kid" routine he does in every other picture he's been in. Wood, in the secondary role, easily steals the spotlight from Culkin. Most child actors rarely become great adult actors (with the definite exception of Jodie Foster). However, Wood has a much better chance than Culkin ever had (especially now with all the turmoil in Culkin's once-private life).

My Rating = Two Stars

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