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Roger Davidson

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Here is the 18th entry in the James Bond series. This time, the suave super-spy, Bond, is played by Pierce Brosnan (Lawnmower Man). The plot is the usual Bond story. The Enemy takes control of a superweapon, and plans to use it to take over the world. Bond is sent in to stop them, with some help from the usual assortment of gadgets.

Sadly, to say, nothing new (or for that matter, special) here. There's plenty of action, but it seems like the film is trying too hard to be like Rambo and not enough like Bond. The Bond heroine (Izabella Scorupco) and villainess (Famke Janssen) are one-demensional characters. Nothing special with these women, either. The only two good things about this film are Brosnan, who makes a formidable Bond (compared to Timothy Dalton) and the usual fantastic Bond opening. However, those alone can't hold the film together. One more thing. Tina Turner's rendition of the title tune isn't exactly a chart buster.

My Rating = Two Stars

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