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The Godfather, Part III


Roger Davidson

Godfather, Part III, The
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Coppola finishes up the famous trilogy with an absorbing, if not altogether outstanding entry in the series. Michael (Al Pacino) is growing old and wants to get out of the Mafia life. Many people, including his psychotic nephew (Andy Garcia), keep pulling him back in. The film begins and ends the same way as the other two. It begins at a lavish party and ends with an international slaughter of the Corleone's enemies.

Beautiful Italian scenery, good performances by the cast (including Garcia, who is an even better actor than Pacino) and the usual assortment of offers you can't refuse, make this a tantalizing film to watch. The near-fatal flaw is the miscasting of Coppola's daughter Sofia in the pivotal role of Pacino's daughter. It's basically the old story of daddy's little girl getting what she wants. What she gave us was an awful melodramatic performance, that would make even her own father walk out of the theater and ask for his money back. Fortunately, she's not in very many scenes and it's basically Pacino and Garcia and the other cast members' show all the way.

My Rating = Three Stars

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