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The Godfather, Part II


Roger Davidson

Godfather, Part II, The
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There are few times when a sequel is better than the original film that spawned it. This film is one of those exceptions. Now the epic story of the Corleone family picks up with Michael's (Al Pacino) Mafia empire expanding to Nevada and Cuba and traces the early days of Pacino's father, Vito (now played by Robert De Niro), his rise from a orphan in Italy to a hood in New York and his position as a respected Don. The movie constantly flashes between both Dons and the dangerous and brutal lifes they lead.

Coppola did it again. He made an interesting film that, in many ways, outdid the first film. De Niro's engaging performance as the old Don brings back memories of Brando's outstanding acting from the first story. It's too bad De Niro and Pacino never got a chance to act together in this one, instead of Heat.

My Rating = Four Stars

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